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If you think that Bible is boring, then you are definitely wrong. There are a lot of wise words and parables, and you can learn many good and useful things of them. It is no wonder that people use Biblical plots in poetry and prose, give names to characters in order to give a hint about their stories and possible final scene. Various plots become the basics for different online and flash games that either copy the original scenario, or, what is more common, make some profound changes. The arcade Binding of Isaac deals with the original Biblical plot that received a new life. It was released on 2011, but it is still popular among those, who love this genre. It deals with a great amount of topics that include cruel treatment of children, killing kids, suicide, abortion and religion – in a word, all those things that usual games tend to avoid.

What’s there?

This game was created in 2D, and you can see all the actions that take place there from the point of view from up above, and you cam enjoy a third person view. The first character is Isaac himself, and while playing him, you can open new later on. Six personages are waiting for you, and you can test each of them, after you unlock them. While strolling in a creepy place, you should explore underground. Each level gives you new opportunities, and new monster inhabit every room of this remote spot. If your character kills all monsters on this storey, you can go on and make new discoveries. While following his path, he can pick up useful bonuses, like money to buy utensils in store, keys to unlock treasury, new weapon and other updates that will help you to gain power and vanquish enemies quicker and better. After you visit every room and conquer each monster, you will face super boss with great power, and you will have to apply all bunch of knowledge that you received during the fights on the storey. If you vanquish him, you will get an access to the next storey, where you will face new difficulties and cool adventures.

The beginning of the story

The main plot unfolds around the Biblical story that has the same name. Little Isaac and his mother are living happily together in a small house on the hill. The boy is drawing the pictures and playing with toys, while his mother is watching Christian programs on TV. She hears the voice from the sky, which tells her that her son is sinner, but he can be saved. This voice asks to take away all evil from her son, and mother agrees. The woman becomes cruel to her son, and takes away everything that was dear to him. Then she locks Isaac inside his room, but the voice isn’t satisfied with this. It encourages her by saying that she is doing everything but, but she should eventually kill her son. She believes that God is talking to her, so she takes the big knife, and goes to her son’s room. Isaac sees this, and he understands what will happen, when she enters. He finds a way to escape just the moment, when his mother opens the door. There are five possible endings, and you will never know what effect will have this or that action. If you want another ending – try other options, and everything is in your hands.