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Biblical plots are famous even among those, who don’t believe in God, or is of other religion. If you are atheist, still you can read Bible, because this book contains many didactic stories that you may use to teach your kids or for self-development. Today one more Biblical plot got a new life, because it was put in a video game. Its name is The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth and it hints us about the famous chapter about Abraham and his son. In this version the father is replaced by the mother, who hears the voice of God. This voice tells that boy is malicious, and he should be killed as soon as possible. This is not accurate to the Bible, and we actually can doubt, whether this voice belongs to God. Anyway, the boy is about to be sacrificed, but he manages to escape underworld. He is in tears, and desperately wants to be in safe place, but it is impossible, because he stepped into the world of dangerous adventures, where he will hardly survive.

Isaac will face many monsters, which symbolize his fears, lost brothers and sister and the person, who wants his death most of all – his mother. You will be shooting and killing enemies that are against your character and want him to die. While fighting with them, you will discover interesting locations and find useful artifacts. They can make Isaac quicker, powerful and strong, but he will lose their effect the very moment he dies. The only way-out is to get new artifacts and trinkets as soon as possible. They can change Isaac’s appearance, for instance, he can be turned to Cyclops, and kill all his enemies without extra efforts. There are more than one possible ending, and you can’t guess how your choice will affect it. You can only hope that Isaac will vanquish all bosses that are waiting for him at the end of each level, and that he will find a way to a safe place, and find an ideal family, where no one would like to sacrifice him according to religious call.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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