Do you like survival games, where your character will definitely die, and all that you can do is to prolong his existence in a very strange and dangerous place? The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is a cool game, where you can take your hero through various challenges, and no one guarantees you that he will stay alive in the end. The name of the game is closely related to the Biblical story, when Abraham was called by the God. He was told to sacrifice his son Isaac in the name of goodness, and he agreed. When he almost did this, God stopped Abraham, and sail to let his son go, because it was the test of Abraham faith, and he succeeded in this trial. In the game Abraham is replaced by a contemporary housewife that is watching TV, when she hears the voice that belongs to God. Or, at least, she believes so. The voice tells her to kill her son Isaac, because sinister thought occupy his childish mind. The woman is eager to save her one and only child, and he goes to Isaac’s room. The poor boy sees the intentions of his mother, but he doesn’t want to die. He finds a hatchway, and escapes there, but the place, where he finds himself is dangerous, and he isn’t safer there, than at his home.

You can play forty hours in this plus part, and still find new content, so it seems that there is no end to the objects, artifacts and bosses that want to kill your hero. There will be flying monsters and enormous ones, and they aren’t that easy to kill, because you can’t aim on them. You will like to see Isaac changing in your eyes, because at the beginning of the game he is nothing more than a scared poor child, but he learns that his life depends only on his actions, and he shouldn’t waste a single second. Every object that is within his reach may change him radically. One moment he is a usual boy, and then he turns into a horrible Cyclops, or any other terrifying monster that will help him to fight with evil. All benefits that you discovered will vanish the moment you die, and you will be made to start the game from the beginning without artifacts and in boy’s shoes. You aren’t given any instructions about artifacts, so you should discover how they work on your own. If you like experiments, you will find plenty of exciting moments in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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