There lived a nice boy, who liked drawing pictures and playing with his toys. His world turned upside-down, when his mother heard a voice from the sky that told her that her son was invaded by demons, and she should save him. She tool away all toys and entertainments from Isaac’s room, leaving boy in tears. But the voice wasn’t satisfied with this. He demanded that woman killed her son, only on that terms his soul could be saved. The mother didn’t hesitate a second, took big knife and headed to Isaac’s room. The boy saw the inevitable end, so he found the way to escape, and his path led him underground. But he didn’t find the sweet escape there, and his creepy adventures only started.

This underground has many floors, and each of them has plenty of mysteries that Isaac is about to solve. He will enter every room on the level, where he will fight with various monsters. After he vanquishes all creatures in this very room, the boy should look for artifacts and trinkets that will modify his appearance, and help to kill enemies more effectively. He may receive extra power, blow bombs up, and throw rivals like fluffs. But you should know that your super powers will disappear, when Isaac dies. That is why you should do all your best to survive for as long as possible. You will find plenty of mysteries that you should discover, and only then you will be able to conquer super mega boss. There isn’t a certain finale, and you don’t know what result the set of your actions will bring. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a developed application, and you will find better graphics, sound and other technical characteristics. Enjoy the process of playing, and try to learn all possible endings.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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