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Do you like quests, when everything depends on your speed and the ability to read the given task between the lines? If it is true about you, you should try a shooter with a bit of Biblical sense. Remember the story about Abraham and his son Isaac? It was reiterated in a RGP shooter with the name Binding of Isaac, but the story was changed quite a bit. Here the young boy was peacefully sitting in his room, and playing in his toys. When suddenly his mother heard the voice from the sky that told her she must help her son, who is a sinner. She said that she would do everything that this voice asks, and she begged to help her to improve the life of her sole son. The voice said that she has to kill Isaac, so the woman takes a big knife, and rushes to her son’s room. Isaac sees everything, and he understands that his mother is mad. He finds the only way-out – to jump into the hatchway, but he is trapped into a place that is even worse than his room. He is underground, in a multistorey that has many rooms that are filled with monsters. There is no way-out, and the boy accepts the challenge.

He will face numerous bizarre creatures that want to kill him, and no one gave him advices on how to act in such unusual situation. After killing a set of monsters in a certain room Isaac can find useful objects, so to say artifacts, and gain more power, speed, weapon and other utensils that will help him to become more powerful and confident. After he closes the door of the last room, he can get an access to the other level, but this won’t be that easy, because he will face super powerful boss that will be very strong, and it will take plenty of efforts to vanquish him. This is a new version of a well-known game, developed and re-mastered. You will see many interesting locations and treasures that you have never seen before in previous versions.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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