The Binding of Isaac 2017


Bible is a Holy book that is a must for everybody to read, even if you are not a religious person. This is a pile of various myths, and you should know what they are dealing with. And there is one story about Isaac and his father, Abraham. This story got a new development in an RPG game that has the same name. Here Isaac’s mother thought that she hears the God’s voice that says that she has to kill her son for God’s sake. He was happy to escape, but the underground world, where he is trapped in, doesn’t look friendlier than his apartment. He will encounter plenty of monsters that he has to vanquish to get a way out from this creepy place. The meeting with a super powerful boss will grant Isaac an access to the other level.

While visiting various rooms, you will see different objects that you may use during the game. They are very peculiar, and may give special characteristics to the hero. They can either ease the process of playing, or making it very difficult as well. You can find them in treasuries or after fights with mega boss. There are three main types of objects: artifacts that you may activate and they are activated by pressing space. Passive artifacts give extra power, like speed, luck and other points, and they are always with you, as soon as you received them. Trinkets are not so important, because they are only modifiers, and make other artifacts more vivid. There are five possible endings of the story, and you can only guess how this or that move affects it.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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