The Binding of Isaac for Android APK


We all hope for miracles, and adore reading stories that give us hope. Some of them live a long life, because they are mentioned in other works of art. Thus, various games like to give a new life to well-known plot from Bible about Abraham and Isaac, his son. In a game The Binding of Isaac the loving father is replaced by a religious mother, who hears the voice of God. He tells her that she must do something with her son. At the same time Isaac is playing in his room, because he is a usual boy that likes to play with toys and draw cheerful pictures. Suddenly his mother takes away everything that he liked, and he starts crying. The next moment he sees his mother with a big knife in her hands, and he realizes that she isn’t going to slice him a cake. He understands that he needs to escape, and he finds the hatchway that leads him underground.

This isn’t a friendly place for a little boy, and he understands it, when he wipes away his tears. He sees plenty of rooms, and he needs to come in the first of them in order to find the way to the top again. The monster is waiting for him, and the fight starts. It is not that easy to kill the enemy, but there is no other option for Isaac. If he manages to vanquish him, he can get some money to buy cook things in store, keys to open treasury and other useful things. He may find artifacts and trinkets that will change Isaac’s appearance and grant him super power that will help him to win. After the boy visits every room on this level, he will meet with the boss, the most severe monster that is very difficult to vanquish. Remember that when Isaac dies, he loses al the artifacts that he has found earlier. The more supplies you have – the more chances to become the winner in this fight you have. There are several possible endings, so your every action counts and influences the result.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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