The Binding of Isaac for PC


The arcade The Binding of Isaac for PC gives us an allusion to the Biblical story, but this version is crueler. Isaac’s mother believes that she hears the voice of God that tells her to shorten the age of her son right now. She is eager to fulfill this appeal, and takes a knife to kill her son. Isaac doesn’t want to die, so he escapes underground, but this place seems to be even more dangerous than sweet home with crazy fanatical mother. In numerous rooms of this creepy place he finds his dead brother and sister and numerous monsters. He kills them all; otherwise it will be his turn to die. At first he won’t have any weapon except his tears, and you won’t believe how powerful they are. And when you see his tear-strained face, you feel pity for this little boy, but when you play longer, you realize that he isn’t that good as he seems.

He finds various artifacts that change his appearance and give him more strength. Though Isaac is very little, the audience of this game is much older, because a small child can’t understand all the hidden themes that are present in this arcade. Isaac understands that he can’t stand alone, so he calls the devil to bring the twins to life again, so that they could help him to struggle with monsters. They look ugly, because their bodies are deformed, and they hardly resemble humans. This fact doesn’t make a good impression of Isaac, and you start thinking, maybe the voice was right to ask mother to kill her only child, because giving your soul for an ally is too much. Though there is a lot of blood, you still find this game funny and full of sense. Of course, if you are adult enough to understand all the raised themes.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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