The RPG game The Binding of Isaac with Undertale mode tells a story of a young boy, who lives with his mother. He is a usual kid; he likes to draw and adores playing with toys. The usual flow of his life was interrupted by the voice from the sky that told his mother to kill her child, and she is ready to fulfill this task. Isaac sees the only way to escape, so he dives into a hatchway, and gets underground, where he will face a lot of difficulties and dangers. Isaac has very powerful tears, and this is his only weapon to start with. And believe us, little boy, whose mother wants to kill him, can generate a lot. He has to visit every room on the first level, before he unlocks the second one. While fighting with monsters that are in every room, Isaac will find plenty of artifacts and trinkets that will give extra power to the poor thing. After discovering all mysteries and killing all monsters Isaac doesn’t have an access to the next storey, until he vanquishes the boss. This arcade has five possible endings, and you don’t know how your actions will affect the result. If you aren’t satisfied with the ending, you can always restart the game, and try other options. Don’t miss the opportunity to unlock all artifacts that will change your character completely!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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